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SEOUL, Korea July 12, 2015 As a leading Korean semiconductor wafer level packaging solutions provider, nepes has been shipping automotive components packaged by FOWLP in HVM (High Volume Manufacturing) mode in accordance with German automotive makers’qualifications. nepes is gearing up for mobile RF products with an ultra-thin profile range of 200~300 μm. nepes has a proprietary feature of an embedded Cu plane inside their FOWLP as an option enabling thin profiles of less than 300 μm and possibly serving as the critical element enhancing electrical and thermal performance.

nepes has been focusing on Fan-Out Wafer Level Packages (FOWLP) since 2009, offering advanced packaging solutions based on wafer level platforms, rather than conventional packaging. A big potential of Fan-Out Packaging has recently been recognized by the industry. "nepes is driving ourselves to provide value-added solutions to customers through Fan-Out WLP (Wafer Level Package) in terms of high performance, small form factor, and more importantly, integration. nepes will not overlook the cost effectiveness as Fan-Out WLP will have to compete with plastic packages like QFN, FCBGA, WLP and wire bond, and bumped types of System in Packaging (SiP)," according to nepes.

nepes also successfully introduced its Via-Frame Fan-Out PKG (FOP) on a 300mm panel platform, which enables the chip to be face-up for biometric sensor applications and multipackage stack solutions.

Furthermore, with capability of multiple redistribution metal layers up to 4, multiple dies embedded with dozens of passive components are integrated into a single FOWLP. This offers the simplicity of the system board design for system makers. It also allows fast development and time to market to customers where not only mobile, but also IoT, smart and electric car, and medical applications are perfectly matched. It is being commercialized now and the production information will be available soon.