in System Semiconductor.


Company overview

We will serve the earth with our  technology and  products 

nepes will become a GLOBAL TOP-TIER company that continues to grow with its competitiveness based on advanced technologies and corporate culture under the mission of “We serve others with our technologies and products for the entire world.”

네패스 전경

nepes Ark corporation

  • Meaning of nepes Ark

    nepes(Eternal life) + Ark(Noah’s Ark)

  • Establishment

    April 2019

  • Initial Offering

    November 2020 (KOSDAQ 330860)

  • CEO

    Byung-koo Lee, Chang-woo Lee

Mission & Vision

Management philosophy of nepes is 'A life of service, an attitude of challenge, and a heart of gratitude.'

We practice 'Life of service' through our mission of achieving the purpose of existence of nepes: job creation. Our mission is to cultivate gifted individuals and serve our neighbors to the ends of the earth by providing essential services and products.

To carry out our mission, we need an 'attitude of challenge.'

Our vision is to build the "community to lead the future with science and technology" through constant sacrifice and challenge. Based on all this, a 'heart of gratitude' is our core value for achieving the right challenge correctly with discretion.

nepes way

  • superstar

    n-family greet one another by shouting their own greeting, "superstar!"

  • i-training

    n-family share information and knowledge through a weekly reading discussion.

  • Thanks & Song
    Thanks & Song

    n-family start the day with singing a song.

  • Sharing

    n-family are the leaders in the sharing culture for a community to live together.

n-family Code of Conduct, 10 commandments
  • 01.Share honestly.

  • 02.Work with a very humble attitude.

  • 03.Resolve requests from other departments before my work.

  • 04.Choose a loss to me at the moment of choice.

  • 05.Work together, not alone.

  • 06.Keep a balance work and rest.

  • 07.Input good things for our customers and colleagues.

  • 08.Have a meeting with thanks.

  • 09.Work happily always with singing.

  • 10.Meet great figures by reading.

Become a key figure in a community that bears abundant fruit by engraving n-family Code of Conduct, the ten Commandments on the mind and gaining wisdom, insight, and people.

nepes Gratitude System
  • 01.Be thankful when I receive unexpected works.

  • 02.Show thankfulness aloud, rather than only through thought.

  • 03.Be thankful, even when bad things happen.

  • 04.Continue to give thanks aloud until my heart is overflowing and is filled with gratitude.

  • 05.Thank others right now, not later.

  • 06.Use the nepes Gratitude System in all aspects of life.

  • 07.Thank and bless other people thoroughly.

  • 08.Be a person who is useful, respected, and filled with gratitude.